Running a successful business can be complicated. There are a multitude of disputes that can endanger businesses. KMDA partners with their clients to be pro-active in trying to prevent problems before they occur and, if litigation is necessary, KMDA will represent client in their litigation matters.

Commercial and Business Litigation may involve partners, shareholders or separate business entities. Business disputes range anywhere from contract disputes to Fraud.  Frequently, most disputes can be resolved prior to going to trial.

Kelly’s knowledge of Texas law and litigation experience enables her to quickly analyze the strengths and weaknesses of a claim.  When we believe a case has a good factual basis and can be won, we aggressively pursue victory.  And when the facts aren’t in our favor, we act quickly and decisively to minimize financial risks and seek the best possible results for clients.

Kelly M. Davis & Associates, LLC can assist you with any of the following commercial and business litigation matters:

  • Breach of contract
  • Business disputes
  • Commercial Collections
  • Construction Law
  • Deceptive trade practices (DTPA)
  • Fraud
  • General business representation
  • Insurance claims and bad faith claims
  • Interference with contracts
  • Partnership Disputes
  • Commercial and Business Transactions


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